If you’ve made the decision to add a new member to your household, it’s good to be prepared before bringing him home. Below are some items to have on hand before bringing your little guy home.


You will want to decide up front if you want to crate train your new puppy. When looking for crates make sure you get one they can grow into. Most crates come with a divider to use while they are puppies. We purchased one with a front and side door but it really wasn’t necessary. Save your money and just get one with a front door.


A puppy’s diet is very important and there are so many choices out there. Ask your vet which pet food will be right for your puppy’s breed and one that is easy to obtain. Most online pet retailers offer a subscription service where they will deliver your puppy’s food directly to your home without an additional delivery fee. We currently purchase our puppy food through PETCO and have it delivered once every 4 weeks. We take advantage of their rewards program which saves us money on future orders.


Puppies like to chew chew chew! Make sure you have plenty of toys on hand to keep him occupied and deter him from chewing on furniture, or on you! Most vetrinarians recommend you don’t give your puppy products made of rawhide, as they can be choking hazards and difficult for them to digest. Our puppy’s favorite thing to chew is pig ears. He devours them! One thing we learned the hard way not to buy him stuffed toys.  It took him about 5 minutes to have stuffing all over our house!



*Outdoor Containment

Whether you live in the country or in the city, your new puppy will need to learn his boundaries. You may want to install a new fence, use one of the many fenceless systems that are on the market today or simply use a tie-out to keep your puppy safe.