If you are considering a trip to Yellowstone National Park the first thing you need to decide is where to stay. On our recent trip we stayed in a rustic cabin at Mammoth Hot Springs Resort. Our cabin included one queen bed but there are rooms that include 2 queens. The room was large enough to accommodate the inflatable mattress that we brought for our boys to sleep on. Community showers/bathrooms are located outside the cabins. Ice shacks are scattered throughout the cabins to keep you cooler chilled for the day. These cabins are very reasonably priced.

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The Mammoth Resort is teeming with Elk that roam freely throughout the day. When we arrived to the resort, it was late in the evening and we very surprised to find elk standing not too far from our car while we were unloading our luggage.  This was so exciting as this was our first vacation to Yellowstone and had never even encountered Elk before.








The one disadvantage to this resort is the location. While it was perfect for touring the northern portion of the park, which included the Mammoth Hot Springs, the Boiling River, the old Army Fort and several waterfalls, it was quite a distance from the other attractions. When we plan our next trip to Yellowstone we will only stay a couple of nights at the Mammoth Hot Springs Resort and then move to another location within the park to save on daily travel time.  Overall, this trip was truly amazing!  Words cannot describe and photography can only capture a portion of what can only be experienced in person.  NATURAL BEAUTY!